The Name

Derma Oasis Aesthetics

- Derma = Skin

- Oasis = a place of peace, safety, or happiness in the midst of trouble or difficulty

- Aesthetics = the study of mind and emotions in relation to the sense of beauty

* Come to Derma Oasis Aesthetics, your skin will experience it's place of peace,  happiness amidst trouble world of free radicals, harmful rays, etc. to experience total relaxation, to revitalise, and to rejuvenate


The Philosophy

Relax - Revitalise - Rejuvenate

Our signature facial massage will put you in total Relaxation while our advanced skin care products and Professional treatments will Revitalise your skin.  Your skin will leave Derma Oasis Aesthetics feeling totally revived, and with our home care regimens designed just for you and your skin conditions, combining proper cleansing, hydration, strengthening, correction and protection, your skin will attain long term Rejuvenation result.